Emergency Response

4 Giants deliver both nationally and non-accredited training on your site.

Our experienced trainers focus will prepare and train your staff for whatever circumstances comes their way. We work in close partnership with a nationally accredited training organisations to ensure your staff receive the training recognition required at the highest level to get the job done.

4 Giants offer the following Emergency Response Courses

Emergency Response Team  Training
Confined Space Rescue
Underground Search and Rescue
Road Crash Rescue/Vehicle Extrication
Land Search and Rescue
Self-Contained Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus
Emergency Vehicle Driving
Confine Small Emergencies
Pole Top Rescue
Rescue from Low Voltage Panel
Fire Fighting
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Warden Training
Wildfire (Bushfires)​​
Underground Fire Fighting
Operate Pumps (Fire Tenders)
Vertical Rescue
Self-Contained Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus
Hazardous Materials Handling (HAZMAT)
Self-Contained Closed-Circuit Breathing Apparatus (SCCBA)
Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
Communicate in the workplace
Provide advanced first aid
Prevent injury
Conduct fire team operations
Respond to local emergencies and incidents
Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
Participate in rescue operation
Render hazardous materials incidents safe
Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident
Respond to work site incidents
Apply risk management processes


No matter the industry – we customise our onsite training and induction programs to suit your requirements. Contact us today!